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Pragati  ENTERPRISE    Power Transmission In Electromagnet

Manufactures all type of Industrial Electromagnetic Clutches Brakes and Clutch-Brakes Combination


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Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Combination
Type - PCB-P & PCB-O Series

Torque : 8 Nm - 500 Nm

Inner View of Clutch Brake Combination Full View of Clutch Brake Combination


Typical Applications :

Textile Machines, Material handling equipments, Steel Plant Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Welding Machines, Filling Machinery, Cut to length Machinery, Indexing Machinery, Copy Lathes, Special purpose Machines, Auto Labeling Machines, Printing Machines, Bag Making Machines, Bottling Plant Machinery, Machine Tools, Rubber Machinery, Automatic Carton Folding Machines, Coil Winding Machines etc.

Click Here to view Dimensions - CLUTCH & BRACK COMBINATION - PCB-P

Click Here to view Dimensions - CLUTCH & BRACK COMBINATION - PCB-O



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